Syntao and CECP announced a strategic co-operation | Come to join the leading CEO network

SynTao and the world's leading CEO alliance CECP reached a strategic cooperation, becoming the only local authority in China. SynTao will connect with CECP global CEO network to build an international platform for clients to share CSR practices and knowledge in China. Furthermore, SynTao will constantly promote the CSR and sustainable innovation with corporate in Chinese market , and work with CEOs to advocate business as an important force to deliver the good society.

CECP was founded in 1999 as a led CEO alliance with more than 200 corporate members earning more than $ 7 trillion in its network. The Global Exchange (CECP) cooperates with relevant institutions in various countries to help promote the enterprises’ achievement of CSR goals, community participation, social investment and philanthropy development. The global Echange will provide international exchange platform, trend interpretation, field research, industry consulting and other services for members in the network in order to promote the development of good business continued voice.

CECP is a coalition of CEOs founded in 1999; its network now encompasses 200+ companies whose annual revenues surpass US$7 Trillion.  CECP‘s Global Exchange is a coalition of organizations in specific countries that help large companies advance their Corporate Social Responsilbity (CSR) objectives; community engagement, societal investment, and/or philanthropy strategies. The Global Exchange creates a forum for its network to exchange insights, trends, research, event information, and referrals. The Global Exchange presents a shared public voice on how companies can be a force for good in society.

"Giving Around the Globe" and "Giving in Numbers" are CECP's core annual reports, presenting corporate social responsibility practices and international donation data worldwide. CECP conducts research for large enterprises around the world, demonstrating regional data and presenting global corporate social responsibility practices better. 2017 Giving Around the Globe Survey is in progress. Come to join the global network and make contribution to regional data.

Deadline: June 30, 2017

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