Make CSR popular - The 9th China Annual Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility came to a successful end in Beijing
On July 28, 2017, the 9th China Annual Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility hosted by the Southern Weekend came to a successful end. Focusing on the major theme of "Building a Consensus on Consciousness," government agencies, business representatives, non-profit organizations and media personnel who are concerned about corporate social responsibility, and who are concerned about public charity and social innovation, have once again gathered at the scene. Including Duan Gongwei, chief editor of Southern Weekend, Xu Guang, secretary-general of China Environmental Protection Foundation, Guo Chunkai, deputy secretary general of China Concerning Next-generation Work Committee, Qi Hesen, chairman of China Social Welfare Foundation, executive secretary of China Charity Federation Peng Jianmei and Hu Guanhua, secretary-general of the China Social Assistance Foundation, together with more than 60 guests and over 100 business representatives and 500 spectators attended the annual meeting.
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