MQI guidelines updated for comments

SynTao has been studying corporate social responsibility reporting in China for ten years. During the period, the number of domestic reports has increased from successive years to 2015, and the quality of the reports is uneven. The problem of lack of substantive information persists. In order to promote more substantive disclosure and improve the quality of reporting, Cheongyo Tiaco established the "Guidelines of Key Quantitative Indicators of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting" (hereinafter referred to as "MQI Guidelines") in 2014, each of which includes 20 key quantitative indicators Eight industries are: electricity, finance, coal mining, animal husbandry and fishery, automobile manufacturing, oil and gas, smelting, pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Guidance is also used to assess the level of disclosure of listed companies in key industry quantitative indicators during 2012-2015.

In order to further expand our influence and encourage more industries to disclose substantive and quantifiable information in their CSR reports, we have added twelve new industries this year based on the "Guidelines" to include more listed companies in our research In order to provide references for ESG governance, investment decision making and policy making.

The working group made reference to the compilation guide of the current mainstream CSR report and drafted a pool of indicators. After having invited experts and industry veterans to conduct index selection and internal rounds of discussions, key quantitative index systems for the following 12 industries were established. From now until August 2, 2017, the MQI Guidelines Working Group solicits opinions and comments from CSR practitioners and industry practitioners extensively and further adjusts the indicators based on feedback from various stakeholders. T

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